Neo, they, 20s

I made this site for various reasons, but mostly because I wanted to make longer shrine pages. It's just fun to talk about things you enjoy and shrines are a good way to do that. I feel most webshrines are mostly image based, but I'm putting my paragraphs in too lol.

I guess I first got into actually watching movies when I was 12/13, around the same time I began to develop my own music taste. If you want to see my favourites, just check out the shrines homepage and look at the headings for an overview, but in short I have a big love of horror movies, all kinds of music, and story-focussed games. I also watch a lot of tv and some anime too (as well as reading some manga and regular books). Basically I like a lot of shit like any other person lmao.

I have no idea how regularly I'll update this, or if I'll end up abandoning it in the future (altho I don't think I'll ever take it down completely outside of drastic circumstances), but checking the updates section on the home page will let you know how active I am.

I made the site layout with sadgrl's layout builder.